Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Build Big Muscles Fast. Gain Muscle Mass Guide

So, wants to build big muscles? Simple huh? Just join a gym and weights regularly beaten and raped in a few months, you will gain so much muscle mass that is ready to take on any bodybuilding contest. It's really easy to build big muscles? Well, to gain muscle mass, there is much more than hitting the gym regularly. Here are some tips to gain muscle mass --

a) Eat and Eat - To build muscles, you should eat. Your calorie intake should be more than your calorie expenditure. If you reduce all the calories you eat, then where are the calories to build muscles?

2) Protein - Make sure to eat enough protein. You should eat at least one gram of protein per kilogram of body weight per day if you want to gain muscle mass quickly. If you get enough protein, your muscles do not grow large.

3) Supplement - If you can not have enough protein in their normal diet, supplement with protein shakes. If you want more power so you can lift heavy weights to grow bigger muscles, take creatine supplements.

4) Weight Training - You must lift heavy loads and constantly to add more weight to progressively build your muscles. Yet it is very important not to sacrifice correct lifting techniques and as the cause of the body.

5) Lift Weights - Use free weights and Dumbells Barbells to recruit more muscle fibers so that more muscle fibers can be worked.

6) Compound Exercises - Work with compound exercises such as bench presses, Squats, Barbell rows, chin ups and dead lifts to build big muscle mass. If you concentrate on your work as your puny biceps muscles, then you will have only negligible muscle growth.

7) Get Enough Rest - Have rest days in days between the exercise and not working the same muscle group more than twice a week. Your muscles need to recover from its flexibility to grow.

8) get enough sleep - sleep at least 8 hours per day. More even better. Your muscles grow when you sleep.

8 If you do these steps consistently, your muscles will grow fast and big. Of course there are many more things you can do to achieve a competitive bodybuilder physical that I can cover in just an article here. So the search for more knowledge.

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